Kvyat apologises to Vettel, blames sudden deceleration

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Daniil Kvyat has apologised to Sebastian Vettel for hitting him at the start of the Russian Grand Prix, blaming the Ferrari's sudden deceleration for causing the incident.

Vettel criticised Kvyat for his driving at the start of the Chinese Grand Prix and the pair then clashed at Turn 2 in Russia as Kvyat ran in to the rear of Vettel, punting him into the second Red Bull of Daniel Ricciardo. Vettel then lifted in front of Kvyat in Turn 3 and the Russian driver hit the rear of the Ferrari again, taking it out of the race.

Apologising for the incident, Kvyat said there was nothing he could do to avoid the second contact.

"Obviously I think in the future days we will see a lot of clever comments from everyone, but my point of view is that I locked my rear wheels," Kvyat said. "Just as simple as that. I didn’t brake too late, just locked my rears and ran into his back. It almost felt as if someone was pushing me from behind. The car was bit out of control.

"I think the main problem came in Turn 3, not in Turn 2, when I think Sebastian felt he had a problem with the car, so he had to stop very, very suddenly. And I was just two metres behind him, and at that speed unfortunately today there was not much I could do to avoid him.

"I apologise for ruining his race, but I am human and his sudden deceleration was too much for me at that point in Turn 3."

And Kvyat explained he felt the penalty was slightly severe due to Vettel lifting in the middle of a flat out corner.

"Turn 3 is a very fast corner. I don’t say that he did it deliberately, not possible. I think that he just thought that maybe after the first light contact in Turn 2 there was a problem with the car, and so to be sure he just dropped the speed very suddenly. But I still expected him to keep going because he was flat out until then. And suddenly when the speed dropped so much…

"I think the stewards thought I just crashed deliberately into him, but it wasn’t like that. It wasn’t the case. I think the penalty was very harsh, but probably fair enough, and of course apologies for all this mess. I think it cost us a few points today. But these things happen and I usually learn from these kinds of things."

With Ricciardo's race also ruined in the collision, Kvyat said he was prepared for the criticism he would receive after his team-mate also demanded an apology.

"Yes, I understand, I think probably the whole paddock will want an apology from me. But we will speak inside the team about these things after analysing everything. It is easy to talk now, very easy to attack me. Go on, attack me, no problem."

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