Bernie not in favour of F1 closed cockpits

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F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone says he does not like the two cockpit protection systems tested so far, and does not think any such concept should be introduced in the sport.

Ferrari created a stir in the paddock when it debuted the Halo in pre-season testing two months ago. Since then, Red Bull has come up with a solution of its own - called Aeroscreen - and tested it for the first time on Daniel Ricciardo’s RB 12 in free practice for the Russian Grand Prix.

Having strived to enhance driver head protection for years, the FIA is pushing on with plans to have one of the two devices fitted on 2017 F1 cars, with a decision expected by July 1.

Asked about his opinion of the Aeroscreen, Ecclestone initially engaged in light banter: “We're going to get a lot of pit stops now when they have to stop to clean the screen, so that will be good.”

Speaking about the Halo and Red Bull half-canopy design, the 85-year-old then added: “I don’t like any of it.”

Pressed to say what should be done to improve cockpit safety, Ecclestone simply responded: “Nothing”.

Following the Aeroscreen debut, Red Bull released a series of video clips to show how the system coped when projectiles, including an F1 wheel, were fired at the screen at high speed.

Ecclestone says he was not convinced by the tests, as they did not take place in representative conditions.

“You have a stationary object and you are firing a tyre at it when in the race, when the wheel has come off, normally both cars will be moving.

“So how can you simulate it by having a car stationary? And how would you ever know what is going to happen with a wheel anyway? If it hits the thing it will probably bounce off anyway.”

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