Red Bull stops Aeroscreen concept development

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Red Bull has announced that it will no longer pursue the development of the aero screen safety concept it had introduced earlier this year.

The Milton Keynes outfit had developed the concept while rivals Ferrari and Mercedes favoured an alternative 'Halo' approach.

Given that the latter appeared to receive the vote of the majority of F1 teams at a meeting at the Monaco GP, Red Bull no longer wishes to spend resources on the development of the idea at a time when its efforts are focused on the design of its 2017 contender.

Daniel Ricciardo briefly sampled the device in free practice at this year's  Russian GP, the Aeroscreen drawing support from fans and the F1 community who believed the aesthetics of the device were better than the 'Halo' concept.

No formal decision on the part of the FIA regarding the specifics of the cockpit safety device set to become mandatory next season has yet been made.

"At the moment we have suspended all our work on the Aeroscreen because we are awaiting a direction officially from the FIA," Red Bull boss Christian Horner told

"They have all the info. We don't have the resource nor capacity to continue the development on it. Plus somebody also has to pay for it."

Red Bull has spent to date an estimated 250,000 Euro on the Aeroscreen project and now hopes that a third party will perhaps take over its development and production, and its eventual introduction to other categories of racing beyond Formula 1.

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