Manor looking to keep momentum going

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Manor racing director Dave Ryan says the British outfit, on the back of its point-scoring Austrian GP, will do its best to keep its momentum going this season.

Pascal Wehrlein pulled out all the stops at the Red Bull Ring to secure his first top-10 finish in F1, providing Manor with a point synonymous with valuable prize money associated with the constructors championship in which the British team finds itself battling Sauber for 10th place.

While the result was a welcome bonus for Manor, Dave Ryan insists the team won't be easing up on its efforts anytime soon.

"Sauber have gone through a bit of a tough time and I am sure they are going to bounce back," Ryan told

"We've got to go to every race with a view to finishing as high up as we can, and at the end of the year the points score will tell its own tale.

"We are not going to sit back now: this is only the start for us. We've got to push, and push, and push at every race."

Manor's performance has been greatly enhanced this season thanks to the Mercedes power unit installed in the back of its MRT05 chassis, but Ryan admits that at some tracks the advantage shall be minimized.

"The last three tracks have been pretty good tracks for us, and the next possible few aren't going to be too good for us.

"You've got to be competitive everywhere and you have to be in a position to take advantage of any situations that come your way.

"So we might find it a bit harder in the next few races, but that is life. We have to deal with it and figure out what we have got to to do to sort this out.

"Everyone is working very hard and that is fine, but occasionally you need a pat on the back or a result to come your way – and when it does, you go 'oh, that is pretty nice, let's push a bit harder and see what happens next'."

The team will be hoping to deliver a good performance on its home soil at Silverstone this weekend, while more improvements on the development front are in the pipeline.

"We've got some good updates at Silverstone," concluded Ryan.

"A little bit of aero and some mechanical and a few more aero updates coming through after that. We've got quite a programme of stuff coming through."

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