Monza still set for Italian GP despite Imola deal

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According to the president of Italy's governing motorsport body, the Italian GP is set to remain at Monza for the foreseeable future despite Imola's push to secure the event.

Throwing somewhat of a wrench into Monza's works, Bernie Ecclestone divulged yesterday that he has agreed terms with Imola to host the Italian GP, but was awaiting final approval from the Automobile Clun d'Italia (ACI).

The future of the race at the traditional Monza venue after this year's edition had been put into jeopardy following a political and financial impasse, according to Formula 1's supremo who was reluctant to compromise with the Monza organisers.

But the ACI's president, Sticchi Damiani, just revealed that the problematic issues have now been overcome and that a new formal agreement with FOM will soon be on its way. It's effective signing would invalidate Imola's contract with Ecclestone.

"We have finally solved all the problems there were with the territorial entities - the region [of Lombardy], the cities of Milan and Monza, and the Park Authority," Sticchi Damiani told Gazzetta dello Sport.

"We have found an agreement between ACI Milan and SIAS [which owns Monza through the ACI], and we are preparing a binding offer to be sent to FOM.

"At this point there are no more political problems."

The vice-president of the Lombardy region, Fabrizio Sala, also chimed in, saying his region is providing €5million per year to help "close the contract".

"We are pleased the president of the ACI has clarified there is no political problem, and a binding offer is to be sent to FOM," Sala said.

"We hope we quickly arrive at a conclusion. The Italian GP is Monza, is part of our tradition, and we cannot allow it to go away."

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