Development frenzy in 2017 will boost F1 - Button

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Jenson Button is betting on a development race among F1 teams in 2017, and thinks the frenzy will have a positive impact on Grand Prix racing.

Next's year's massive regulation changes include wider cars and tyres, increased downforce and the removal of the token allocation system which limited engine development.

Cars will obviously be faster, with lap times predicted to fall by as much as five seconds, but with more leeway in terms of development and evolution, Button is also anticipating performance swings throughout the field.

"The big changes next year are positive," said McLaren's soon-to-be retiree.

"That's great for the sport. You'll see big progress through the year, which is also what people like seeing.

"Back in the day you could start with a car that wasn't so competitive and you could develop it through the year like what McLaren did in 2009. Now you can't do that.

"You start with a car that's quick and win races through the year or you start with a car that isn't quick and it's not quick at the end of the year."

Button says that McLaren's progress along with engine partner Honda has been huge in the past 24 months, and is unsurpassed by any other team.

"The development curve is difficult with how restrictive the regulations are. In terms of development we've done the best of the last two years but we've also come from a low position.

"That is one thing that's missing, the development through the year. And that'll be big next year with development through a season - that'll make racing a lot more fun.

"Gone are the days of putting on a second of downforce in one race and suddenly finding yourself in a winning position."

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