Technical analysis – Budapest



As revealed by's technical expert Giorgio Piola, Ferrari’s engine engineers have strengthened the ballistic cover that prevents the dispersion of debris after a turbine failure. Some elements would have indeed slipped out of the cover when the turbo broke down in the recent Silverstone F1 test.

The gearbox has emerged as the Scuderia’s other weakness, with Sebastian Vettel having to change his in Bahrain, Russia, Austria, and Great Britain, while the component also needed premature replacement on team-mate Kimi Raikkonen’s SF16-H in Monaco.

As it is the case on the Mercedes W07, the Ferrari gearbox system includes a carbon casing that houses the titanium transmission. According to Autosport’s Craig Scarborough, the gearbox comes under too much strain as the casing shifts over the course of a lap, hence Ferrari’s decision to make it sturdier.