Grosjean: Verstappen move dangerous

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Romain Grosjean says Max Verstappen's attempt to overtake him was dangerous after the Toro Rosso rookie crashed heavily in the Monaco Grand Prix.

Verstappen was gaining on Grosjean using DRS approaching Ste Devote when he hit the rear of the Lotus at high speed, breaking his front left suspension and hitting the barrier head on. While the Lotus was able to continue after the incident, it dropped out of the final point-scoring position.

With Felipe Massa labelling the crash "very dangerous" and pointing the finger at Verstappen's lack of experience, Grosjean agreed it put both drivers at risk.

"I didn’t see much of the accident with Verstappen, just his car flying past me in the air!" Grosjean said. "Overtaking in Monaco is difficult and I think he gained that bit of experience. It’s good to know he’s okay, as it was a bit dangerous for both of us, and it cost us what would have been a hard-earned point.

"Until then my race had been going pretty well when you consider where we started. The car felt good and the strategy was working well. After the accident, I turned around which established all four wheels were there, then looked in the mirrors to see if the rear wing was still there too, then got on with my race."

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