Ferrari's Toro Rosso deal given FIA approval

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The FIA will allow Ferrari to supply a 2015 power unit to a team next season, expected to be Toro Rosso.

The power unit regulations previously stated no manufacturer could supply more than one specification of power unit, preventing teams from running year-old engines. Manor was given special dispensation this season to run a 2014 power unit to facilitate its return to the grid following administration.

However, with Red Bull attempting to end its relationship with Renault - a move which it set to go back on - Toro Rosso's supply was also required to change, with Ferrari only offering a 2015 power unit.

A meeting of the World Motor Sport Council on Wednesday in Paris approved a regulation change to allow for previous power units to be used.

"Power Units homologated in previous seasons may now be re-homologated," the FIA confirmed. "Previously no manufacturer could supply more than one specification of PU. The World Motor Sport Council was also advised that the FIA had agreed for Ferrari to supply a fourth customer team with a 2015-specification Power Unit in 2016."

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