Renault feels engine regulations need to change

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The current power unit regulations are not "completely fit for purpose" for F1 despite being important for manufacturers, according to Cyril Abiteboul.

The Renault Sport F1 managing director feels the 1.6-litre V6 turbo power units include some relevant technology for the road car market, but feels the current regulations do not satisfy the demands to be attractive to manufacturers as well as providing an entertaining series for fans.

"Hybrid regulations are important, not just to Renault but to any car maker," Abiteboul is quoted as saying by "If you look at the future product line of most brands, you will see hybrid elements on all cars.

"If you ask me about this particular set of regulations, how important they are, we should not be precious. I am not completely convinced that we have the engine regulations that are completely fit for purpose for the model of modern F1.

"[I am talking about] for the show, for the cost for the manufacturer, for price for the team, also noise and serviceability and so on and so forth.

"Plus also there is all the sporting elements associated with it – like the token system, which is extremely confusing, and the penalty system, which is extremely confusing. I don't think we have something brilliant."

The engine manufacturers currently in F1 are due to present a proposal on January 15 which will outline how they intend to reduce costs, simplify the power unit technical regulations and improve noise.

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