Vettel reveals what he'll 'keep' from his time in Formula 1


Sebastian Vettel has enjoyed an outstanding career in F1, but beyond his remarkable sporting results, the four-time world champion named the one thing that he will take away from his life and times as a Grand Prix driver.

Vettel will leave the grid at the end of the current season, having achieved 53 wins, 57 pole positions, 122 podiums and a quartet of world titles during his nearly 16 years in F1, building the bulk of his success with Red Bull between 2010 and 2013.

Upon the announcement of his retirement at the end of the season, just ahead of the recent Hungarian Grand Prix, Vettel was unanimously praised by his colleagues, and especially by his former arch-rival Lewis Hamilton, with whom he battled for the world title during two hard fought campaigns with Ferrari.

"We will miss him after so many years, sharing the track together, good fights," said the Mercedes driver.

"Obviously in all his championships I was somehow in there as well! He's a great champion and also a great man, with very strong values.

"Sad because I've lost an ally in this side of the sport on the grid, but I know that outside he will be doing great things and we will always remain friends and I hope there are other things we get to do together outside."

And speaking of friendship, Vettel highlighted how the personal relationships he has built in the sport over the years will remain a big part of his legacy.

"I had a similar question, 'What do you keep?', and I said, 'I will keep a lot of silverware!'" Vettel told the media at the Hungaroring.

"But I think more than that is really the memories, the emotions, the highs and the lows, the people that I've met.

"Lewis is obviously one of the central figures in the last years, the friends I made, and that stays. It would be a much harder decision [to retire] if you give up all of that and you lose all these people.

"Obviously, I will not see them as regularly as now and it will be very different, but it's the friendships, the people, and the relationships that stay.

"That's probably the biggest one that I'm looking forward to keeping, and the most meaningful legacy."

Vettel also said that he will head into his well-deserved retirement feeling that he made the most of his time in F1 and that he is happy to make room for the "new kids on the block".

"I think we all have a limit," he said. "Obviously, if you achieve more then it's a little bit further, you're pushing that a little bit further.

"But I think it's good; there are new kids on the block and they're doing great. The time today and tomorrow belongs to them, so that's just how it goes.

"We all have our time and I think, most importantly, we make the most of it and we enjoy it, and then move on and make room for the next ones."

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