Vettel hails 'fantastic' German GP atmosphere


While disappointed not to have at least achieved a podium finish in Hockenheim, Sebastian Vettel says last Sunday's German GP was his best ever home Grand Prix.

The race returned to the calendar this season after a one-year hiatus following financial difficulties encountered by the Nurburgring, which alternates traditionally with Hockenheim as the venue for the German event.

Vettel was particularly impressed by the atmosphere in which the Hockenheim stadium basked, with no shortage of fervor and passion on the part of the German fans.

"It's been the best home Grand Prix I've ever had," Vettel said.

"It's been really nice to see so many people turning up, my point of view is that the ticket prices are too expensive, Hockenheim is also unfair in its layout because you've got all the grandstands next to each other and they're really big.

"But I think today it was packed and it looked great, it's a fantastic atmosphere, unique when you come out of the Turn 10 Mercedes section when you see all the people in the grandstands – all the people there, a lot of German flags, a lot of Ferrari flags, it is very nice to see."

The four-time world champion hopes the race will remain on the F1 calendar, as he considers it provides an extra boost of motivation to all German drivers.

"Obviously I'd like to come back in two years and be a lot more competitive and have a much stronger race.

"I think it's been one of the best races despite being German, but in terms of atmosphere to see how many people turned up, I think there was a lot of doubt beforehand.

"A Formula 1 race in Germany is important for the next generation of drivers because it motivates them in a special way."

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