Kvyat determined to follow his instincts


Daniil Kvyat has been on the back foot since his demotion from Red Bull to Toro Rosso, and the Russian continues to struggle to extract himself from the doldrums.

As the season moves on, signs of progress appear few and far between but Kvyat has vowed to keep fighting, and considers his best option is to focus on his driving and forget about the future for now.

"I just got in the car and did my job and was not really thinking about it too much," explained the Russian after last Sunday's German GP in which he finished 15th, just behind team mate Carlos Sainz..

"Don't overanalyse it," he insisted. "I did my usual thing and just drove on my instincts and it played out quite well.

" I'll continue this approach as it worked well on Sunday and hopefully it'll be much better for the second half of the season."

Being content with such a modest result, it's hard to tell if the Russian is relying on auto-persuasion or really determined to find a way out of his predicament with a rational approach.

"After all these things happened I was trying to prove a bit too much of myself, I was trying to ask too much from myself and it wasn't possible.

"When you do this you really tense up and it's not good because you kind of go over your own capacity. I was angry at many circumstances and tried to really force things, but I cannot force things.

"I have to just go with my instincts like I always do like it was on Sunday and I felt that was a good day because of that."

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