Vettel in hot water with FIA

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Sebastian Vettel's outburst in last weekend's Mexican GP has predictably landed the Ferrari driver in hot water with the FIA.

Frustrated by Max Verstappen's driving as he refused to give back a position Vettel felt was his after the Red Bull driver locked up and cut a corner, the German made his feelings felt in no uncertain terms over the radio.

Urged in the closing stages of the race by his team to calm down as the matter had been put to FIA race director Charlie Whiting fro review, Vettel then repeatedly delivered a foul-mouthed rant at Whiting.

"We have people assembling evidence about the incident," said FIA president Jean Todt to the Daily Mail. "Then we have to see if any action has to be taken or not."

Questioned about his former driver's colorful outburst, Red Bull's Christian Horner admitted he would be surprised if Vettel was not reprimanded.

It remains unclear how the FIA will choose to punish Vettel, if indeed the governing body believes the driver was in breach of the FIA's sporting code, which appears very likely.

Sanctions could include a financial penalty, something which would hardly affect one of the highest paid drivers on the grid, or a sporting penalty in the form of a grid drop, or even an outright suspension.

Vettel apologized to Charlie Whiting after Sunday's race, admitting he should not have let his emotions take over. The FIA race director accepted the driver's apology but insisted any potential punishment was out of his hands.

"He did say sorry," Whiting confirmed to The Mail. "Given he has done that, I'm not too hung up on it personally, but it remains to be seen how my boss may wish to pursue the matter."

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