Team Talk - Sunday in Monaco

Toro Rosso

Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Monaco Grand Prix - Saturday - Monte Carlo, Monaco

Carlos Sainz
“I’m not that happy finishing in P8 if I say the truth, because I felt that today there were some big points on the table for us and we lost the opportunity of making them ours. From my side, I kept the car away from the walls and was fast on all three compounds, so I’m happy with that, but it’s disappointing to have lost positions during our pit-stops… We definitely need to analyse why this happened, as we threw away many points because of this. Anyway, P8 means 4 points, which is not that bad – I would’ve been happy with this if you had told me before coming to Monaco, but after starting from P6 and seeing how chaotic the race was, I’m sure we could’ve done better. I have to say that this was my first time ever driving in the wet through the streets of Monaco and it’s the most difficult thing I’ve done in my life!”

Daniil Kvyat
“What a frustrating race! I don’t believe in luck but today we were very unlucky… We had what I think was an electrical issue at the start of the race, which meant I was stuck in 60kph for the first couple of laps. We tried to sort it out and all of a sudden the car felt like it was working well again, but by that point we had lost a lot of time and it was very difficult to try and un-lap myself. I tried to go for it, but then the incident with Magnussen happened, where none of us wanted to let each other by… This is racing and unfortunately sometimes things like this happen. It’s definitely a missed opportunity, as here in Monaco we had been looking strong all weekend, but all we can do now is to keep on working hard for the next races, starting with Canada in two weeks’ time.”

Franz Tost, team principal
“It’s very disappointing to finish Carlos’ race only in P8, when we know we have a package which has the performance to be at least within the top five. The main reason for this result was the first pit-stop, during which we lost two seconds and where Perez, Vettel and Hulkenberg passed us. Therefore, Carlos ended up behind this train of cars and couldn’t use all the potential of the car, but he did a solid race and showed a really good performance. On Daniil’s car we had a problem with the software during the Safety Car period at the start of the race, where he was stuck in pit-limiter mode, driving at only 60kph. Although we changed the steering wheel, this didn’t help and he therefore was a lap down when the race was restarted. He then had a collision with another driver and did not finish the race. We all expected much more from this event here in Monaco and we have to be more concentrated in order to prevent mistakes in the upcoming races.”