Tech F1i: Baku's low downforce mods and tweaks

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Even though Sergio Pérez finished on the podium in Baku, the VJM11 has been lacking in competitiveness since the beginning of the season.

The car generates a fluctuating aerodynamic load at the rear, which is not constant, and which destabilizes the car and complicates the correct exploitation of the tyres. The phenomenon is due to a poor correlation of the wind tunnel and the CFD with the reality (in other words, the behaviour of the model in wind tunnel does not correspond to the real-life functioning of the car).

After testing two vanes added to the flat bottom of Sergio Perez’s car in China, the team added a winglet at the same place for Baku. Its presence suggests a possible phenomenon of airflow separation in the coke-bottle area of the car (the assumption being that the winglet would generate a vortex to reenergize the flux at this place).

In addition, the team has reworked the base of the bargeboard, which now has three winglets instead of four.