Red Bull and Toro Rosso to share technology in 2017


As a result of Toro Rosso switching back to Renault power next season, the junior outfit will share more technology with Red Bull, according to TR technical chief James Key.

The common power unit platform - as was the case in 2014 and 2015 - in addition to technology and R&D overlaps, would also induce cost cuts.

"It always makes sense if you have two F1 teams, to have levels of overlap between those teams," explained Key.

"We moved away from Renault as there was uncertainty as to what they would be doing as it wasn't clear if they would buy the Enstone team [formerly Lotus].

"And we knew there were some troubles that were affecting both teams a little bit - but a lot of those have gone away.

"The intention was when we first went to Renault was to have the same engine [as Red Bull] because you have overlap of power unit related technology which can be shared.

"That is shared, it's not sold from one team to another.

"It gives you the ability to come up with a solution which suits both teams and you cut out as a result two R&D streams as you have one.

Toro Rosso's tech boss underlined the areas which could be addressed by the teams respective R&D departments.

"We have had gearbox internals, but you can extend that to maybe items of the fuel system, hydraulic systems, perhaps exhaust design, some of the electronics.

"Where that can be common, it makes a huge amount of sense, there is definitely cost saving in there. Most of that to be honest is on non-performance differentiators."

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