Bottas: 2017 cars won’t need change of driving style

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Valtteri Bottas does not believe 2017-spec Formula One cars will lead to drivers having to change their style at the wheel.

The upcoming season will see the introduction of radical aero changes as well as wider tyres from Pirelli. Laptime gains of up to five seconds are expected, though some high-profile figures in the paddock have raised doubts about the figure.

“Personally I don't think the driving style will change massively,” Bottas was quoted as saying by “Obviously with more grip, some of the lines will change, and some of the corners will be flat out instead of a small lift.

"So I think the approach with some of the corner combinations and the lines can change. But I don't think the corner will go quicker, I don't think it will change much.

“But I think the main challenge at the moment is in the longer runs, to try to keep the tyres in a good condition.

“When you wear tyres, handling the torque, getting out of corners and being sensitive with the right foot and avoiding slides, is more important. That's the main challenge at the moment.”

Bottas, who has reportedly visited Mercedes' factory as he moves closer to a 2017 deal to replace Nico Rosberg, has already had the opportunity to get a first glimpse of this year’s machinery in the Williams simulator.

“It is quite a lot faster in the corners, I like it,” the Finn commented. “Higher corner speeds are always nice, and more traction, grip and downforce is good.

“It comes with less speed on the straights, but it doesn't really matter - so it feels okay.”

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