The men behind the Renault F1 return



REMI TAFFIN - Engine Technical Director

A product of ESTACA like Frédéric Vasseur, Rémi Taffin (40) joined Renault Sport in 1999 to work with the manufacturer's engine partners such as the BAR, Arrows and Benetton, the latter of which would be bought by Renault. As race engineer for the engine, Taffin worked closely with two world champions, Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso, accompanying the Spaniard during his two titles.

Taffin became head of track operations during the creation of Renault Sport F1 in 2011, assuming responsibility for engine performance for partner teams (Red Bull, Lotus and Catheram). Present at all the races and test sessions, the French engineer oversaw the support provided to the teams powered by Renault, contributing to four world titles won by Red Bull Racing during the era of the V8 engine.

In 2015, he was appointed Director of Operations, supervising teams of engineers and technicians back at the test benches and assembly department at Viry. Ensuring the transition to the track, he also supervised the engineers integrated with Renault's partner teams.

In the new organisation, Taffin is responsible for the powertrains developed on site at Viry-Chatillon, de facto replacing Rob White. He will need to work closely with Nick Chester to ensure the engine manufacturers produce a package which is optimised and harmonised with the chassis.