Tech F1i Mexico: A look at the work place of Max Verstappen


In the cockpit of the RB14 we find, on the left, a series of switches controlling the electric charging of the car.

1 – Formula 1 cars are very sophisticated machines. When the Red Bull is in working order, it is in "P2" mode. To completely switch off their car, the drivers have to go from "P2" to "P1", then from "P1" to "P0".

P0: completely shuts off electric power (the steering wheel, display and radio are off)

P1: switches the car partially on (the radio works, but not the engine)

P2: mode in which the engine can be turned on

As with all F1 cars, an external circuit breaker (located near the roll bar and indicated by a blue triangular sticker) can be activated by the marshals.

2 – This switch triggers the extinguisher from the cockpit (which must be possible even when the electrical circuit is cut). The marshals can also activate it from the outside by pressing the button next to the sticker "E".

3 ­– This tube carries the drink stored in a soft plastic pouch.