Tech F1i Mexico: A look at the work place of Max Verstappen

1400 HOLES!

One can also open up the brake drums a bit more, or even increase the number of holes drilled in the carbon disc, as Brembo did at Ferrari's this weekend.

To prepare for the 2019 season, the Scuderia has evaluated the 1400-hole discs on Friday (compared to 1200 normally - as in Austin - or even less - as in Japan, where it was cool).

As for the rotation speed of the turbine (higher to compensate for the low density of the air), this varies from engine to engine. The technical regulation defines only a threshold (125,000 revs/minute). Below that, engine manufacturers are free, but they must communicate their maximum rotation speed to the FIA before the start of the season.

In theory, if the turbocharger of a V6 runs faster than its competitors without overheating, it should behave better at a higher altitude. Is this what explains the performance of the Renault engines in Mexico City (the Red Bulls monopolized the first row of the grid, the RS18s were seventh and eighth)? Hard to say, as the parameters are numerous.