F1i's Driver Ratings for the 2019 Spanish GP

Lance Stroll (Retired, Lap 44): 4.5/10
The Racing Point RP19 was looking rather sickly in Barcelona, and neither Lance Stroll nor his team mate Sergio Perez were able to do much about it. Stroll was actually faster than Perez on Friday, but he also had that unfortunate accident at the end of FP1. He waned further on Saturday and failed to make it beyond Q1 in qualifying. He was similarly inert during the race itself, making little progress until clashing with Lando Norris on lap 44 in an avoidable accident that put both drivers out of the race prematurely. We're dividing the blame for that incident equally between the pair of them, although Stroll - as the more experienced of the two - probably should have known better.