F1i's Driver Ratings for the 2019 Spanish GP

Lewis Hamilton (P1, Fastest Lap, 26 pts): 8.5/10
Not for the first time this season, Lewis Hamilton didn't seem entirely happy in the cockpit of his car. He was struggling to find the handling he needed to get the best out of the W10 for much of the weekend and it meant he was slower than his Mercedes team mate in both practice sessions on Friday. A better showing in FP3 proved a mirage when Bottas wiped the floor with him (and everyone else) in qualifying - although the sheer size of that 0.634s gap between them in Q3 was surely down at least in part to battery problems. However, Hamilton is never more dangerous than when he's on the back foot: you get the feeling that even if Bottas hadn't struggled with clutch issues off the line then Hamilton would still have found some way around (or over, or through) the Finn at the first corner. After that he showed perfect race management to secure the win and retake the lead in the championship - because that's just what Lewis does.