F1i's Driver Ratings for the 2019 French GP

Lewis Hamilton (Pole, P1, 25 pts): 9/10
Some weeks Lewis Hamilton gets gifted a win by the misfortunes of others. France was not one of those weeks. This time he reached out and grabbed victory by the scruff of its neck, with the kind of near-perfect performance and ruthless laser-like focus that few other drivers are capable of. He didn't get a clean sweep of practice sessions - team mate Valtteri Bottas was faster in FP2 (when Hamilton had a scare with Max Verstappen) and FP3, and also looked to have the edge in the first two rounds of qualifying. But when it came to getting pole, Hamilton was over a quarter of a second clear of the field. An excellent start to the race ensured that he was swiftly out of danger, and despite some minor glitches along the way with blistering tyres there was simply no one in the same league all afternoon. However, he did appear slightly irked to miss out on the bonus point for fastest lap at the last second. Unfortunately his domination of the day did mean a rather processional race, but that's hardly Hamilton's fault - it's for Bottas and the others to catch up.