F1i's Driver Ratings for the 2019 French GP

George Russell (P19): 5.5/10
George Russell wasn't allowed out to play on Friday morning, with Nicholas Latifi taking over his Williams FW42 for FP1. When he did finally get his turn at the wheel, Russell was predictably faster than his team mate Robert Kubica by six tenths, but he then got only very limited running on Saturday morning as the team tackled electrical issues with his power unit that resulted in penalties demoting him on the back row of the grid for the race. Understandably frustrated, he sought to make up some quick positions at the start which saw him trying to go around the outside of his team mate at Signes. However Kubica was having none of it and stood his ground, which left Russell running wide and taking out a polystyrene marker board. It's the kind of pointless incident that a team in William's dire state can't really afford right now, the resulting extra pit stop for a new front wing leaving him dead last for the rest of the afternoon.