F1i's Driver Ratings for the 2019 French GP

Lance Stroll (P13): 7/10
You never know which Lance Stroll is going to turn up for the race. On some occasions he's entirely anonymous and you can almost forget he's there; and on others - like the French Grand Prix - he pulls out a genuinely impressive performance even when the Racing Point team itself is struggling. It certainly hadn't looked encouraging for the Canadian on Friday when he was up to six tenths slower than his team mate Sergio Perez; and a poor FP3 was an accurate portent for a disappointing qualifying which saw him fall at the first hurdle. But despite starting from 17th place on Sunday, Stroll showed considerable ability to extend the life of his hard compound tyres all the way to lap 39 by which time he was running in the top six. In fact the team should probably have called him in a littler earlier than they did, since once he made his stop he was stuck well outside the points despite all that hard work.