F1i's Driver Ratings for the 2019 Italian GP

Kimi Raikkonen (P15): 6/10
One year ago, Kimi Raikkonen was on pole position with Ferrari for the Italian Grand Prix. The contrast couldn't have been more stark as he embarked on this year's race from pit lane after trashing his Alfa Romeo with a spin during qualifying on Saturday, having already crashed in the admittedly tricky conditions in FP1 the previous day. From such depths the only place to go was up, and Raikkonen duly moved forward over the opening laps of the race and peaked in 15th place. But after all the hard work came news that he had been handed a penalty by the race stewards for not starting the race on the correct tyres: since he'd technically made it through to Q3 before crashing in qualifying, he was obliged to start on the soft tyres - but didn't. It dropped him all the way to the back, and he spent the second half of the race seeking to recover all the positions he had lost. "Well that was a sh** weekend," was his blunt assessment of the proceedings adding: "Looking forward to Singapore, as it can't get worse."