F1i's Driver Ratings for the 2019 Azerbaijan GP

Max Verstappen (P4, 12 pts): 8.5/10
Max Verstappen is maturing very nicely into his new role as senior team leader at Red Bull. Gone is the hot-headed impetuosity of years gone by, and now there is a solid and serious application of talent that is being rewarded by a consistent run of points. Baku was another example of this, with Verstappen in the top four of every session in practice, qualifying and indeed the race. Even when he briefly lost fourth to Sergio Perez at the start, he didn't over-react in the way that the younger Max might have done, but simply bided his time for the perfect moment to get the position back with the minimum of drama. After that it was all rather straightforward, although he was miffed not to make more of the opportunity presented by the Virtual Safety Car - his tyres cooled off too much, meaning he was unable to press the attack on Sebastian Vettel. But even here he showed his new level-headed nature and accepted the situation for what it was rather than risk pushing and making a mistake. Great stuff!