F1i's Driver Ratings for the 2019 Azerbaijan GP

Charles Leclerc (P5, Fastest lap, 11 pts): 7.5/10
There are times when Charles Leclerc looks like such the assured complete package that you forget how young he is, and that it's only his second season in Formula 1. He looked head and shoulders better than anyone else on Friday and Saturday morning, and the smart money was for him to claim pole by a big margin. Unfortunately that all went wrong when he planted the SF90 into the wall in Q2 while trying too hard on medium tyres in cold conditions, a mark of his comparative inexperience. If you're wondering, it's also why the official F1 Driver of the Day has been given a relatively lowly F1i rating for the weekend as a whole. Fortunately he was still eighth on the grid come race day, and while the medium tyres meant he dropped places at the start they also allowed him to stay out much longer than those ahead of him to lead for 19 of the 51 laps. After his pit stop the team cannily used Leclerc to suck up the bonus point for fastest lap, and he sensibly eased off toward the end to save tyres and engine parts but insisted there had been no problems with the car.