F1i's Driver Ratings for the 2019 Monaco GP

Daniil Kvyat


Daniil Kvyat (P7, 6 pts): 8/10
Which of the Toro Rosso drivers fared better this weekend? Daniil Kvyat was ahead of Alex Albon in FP1, but half a second slower in FP2 and narrowly pipped by the rookie in FP3. No matter, he was on top again in qualifying where he was eighth fastest and then rewarded with an extra spot thanks to Pierre Gasly's grid penalty. Unfortunately Gasly had the last laugh over that one, passing Kvyat at the start in a move that pushed the Russian out of position and effectively cost him another spot on top. But showing far more composure now then he did in his initial tenure with the team, Kvyat kept calm and carried on. He climbed back to fifth place before his pit stop on lap 32 reset him to ninth. Once the final cars ahead of him had made their super late stops, Kvyat was back up to seventh and he duly brought the car home to gain valuable points for the team, with his team mate just over half a second behind him as they crossed the line in formation. In such circumstances it seems unfair to distinguish between the pair in the ratings - so we're not going to!