F1i's Driver Ratings for the 2019 Monaco GP

Sergio Perez (MEX), Racing Point 26.05.2019.

Sergio Perez (P12): 6.5/10
If we were giving points for purely race day performance we'd be tempted to give Sergio Perez an extra point or two. That's because 12th place at the finish amounted to a huge save from the Mexican, after what had been up to that point a dreadful build-up in Monaco for both Racing Point and Perez himself personally. He was only 15th fastest at the end of Thursday practice, and then fell further back to 17th on Saturday in both FP3 and qualifying where he and team mate Lance Stroll were dropping like a stone toward Williams back row territory. Given that sort of preparation you wouldn't have expected Perez to be ahead of the likes of Hulkenberg, Magnussen and Raikkonen on Sunday. In truth, the Dane actually finished ahead of Perez at the line - but he did so with a blatant bit of chicane-cutting which defending the position. Perez kept commendably calm in the circumstances, and justice was done after the race when a five second penalty for the Haas handed Perez the position after all. Perez' composure under pressure was also tested with a near-miss on two jay-walking marshals, and he passed that one with flying colours too.