F1i's Driver Ratings for the 2019 Monaco GP

Robert Kubica (POL) Williams Racing FW42.

Robert Kubica (P18): 6/10
Shock news: Robert Kubica not last in a race in 2019! While there were extenuating circumstances behind that story (the unique nature of the Monaco street circuit helped negate the many deficiencies of the FW42) it's still a welcome fillip for Williams and a hint that there might just be light at the end of the tunnel for both beleaguered team and driver. Kubica was actually not slowest on Thursday morning, and also managed to be faster than team mate George Russell in final practice - how often have we been able to say that of the Pole this season? Of course qualifying went to form, but pit stops by other drivers put Kubica up to the heady heights of 15th before he was rudely punted into a spin by Antonio Giovinazzi. At least he had the satisfaction of finishing ahead of the Italian, which means that for the first time Kubica was not the last car still running at the line. And on top of that, Williams maintained its 100 per cent finish record for 2019 showing the car is certainly reliable ... just not very fast.