F1i's Driver Ratings for the 2019 Monaco GP


Sebastian Vettel (P2, 18 pts): 8/10
We've been saying for a while now that Sebastian Vettel isn't looking like his old self at the moment. That was still true in Monaco, and his Saturday was a catalogue of errors that would have sunk a lesser driver: after narrowly missing the wall in FP2 he made a carbon copy mistake on Saturday morning that actually did inflict significant damage on the Ferrari, and left the team scrambling for qualifying. He came close to missing the cut at the end of Q1 and then had a wild time in Q2 which saw him getting up close and personal with the Armco barriers on multiple occasion. After all that, to end the session with fourth place on the grid was quite an achievement in the circumstances. He was altogether calmer on Sunday and actually seemed to be driving well within himself, not taking any unnecessary risks after learning that Max Verstappen's penalty would almost certainly promote him into second place after the finish - which is remarkably his best result of 2019 to date. He simply let it come to him, took the trophy, and turned his thoughts to Canada and what Ferrari still have to do to catch their rivals.