A 21-picture salute to Formula 1 ahead of 'Race 1000'

12. Monaco Grand Prix - 1984

The 1984 Monaco Grand Prix was the race that announced Ayrton Senna as destined to be one of the sport's all-time greats.

It was only his fifth F1 race weekend with the Toleman team, although Senna had already miraculously produced two points finishes. But his drive from 13th place on the grid in Monaco in treacherous conditions was on a whole different level.

By lap 32 Senna was closing fast on Alain Prost for the lead of the race, only for a controversial red flag for heavy rain and standing water to end the race prematurely. One more lap and victory would have gone to Senna, but instead it was Prost who held on.

The short running meant only half points were awarded for the race; ironically, Prost went on to lose the title that year by half a point to Niki Lauda.