A 21-picture salute to Formula 1 ahead of 'Race 1000'

13. British Grand Prix - 1987

Nigel Mansell's battle with his Williams team mate Nelson Piquet in the 1987 British Grand Prix is still spoken of with awe and reverence.

The pair had locked out the front-row in qualifying, with pole winner Piquet gradually extending a two second lead over the local hero. Mansell then made the surprise decision to pit for fresh tyres, putting him almost half a minute behind his non-stopping team mate.

It proved a master stroke, with Mansell catching and passing Piquet for victory with two laps to go.

Once across the line the FW11B dramatically slowed with a blown engine, leaving Mansell engulfed by an ecstatic crowd of adoring British fans. But Honda was less impressed by the brutal way Mansell had treated their engine, and decided to take their toys to McLaren the following season.