F1i's Driver Ratings for the 2019 Singapore GP

Alexander Albon (P6, 8 pts): 8/10
Alex Albon has been repeatedly faster than his celebrated team mate Max Verstappen since stepping up to the senior Red Bull team, but reality was finally restored in Singapore. The Thai driver struggled to hold on to the Dutch driver's coat tails, in a weekend that proved unexpectedly hard work for the entire team which had expected to shine under the high-power spotlights. Perhaps a sign of his lack of familiarity with this sort of circuit, the rookie was over a second slower than Verstappen in FP1. He'd got back onto even terms with Max by the end of final practice, but was then outpaced again in qualifying. Sixth place on the grid was not unexpected but perhaps slightly disappointing, and the same could be said of his race as a whole. He maintained position for all but 15 laps of the race, and most of his focus was on maintaining his tyres - so much so that he subsequently labelled his race 'a battle of management'. Not the most exciting of outings for Albon, then, but he acquitted himself well in the circumstances, made no mistakes, and brought home about as many points as the team would have been expecting from him at Marina Bay.