F1i's Driver Ratings for the 2019 Singapore GP

Valtteri Bottas (P5, 10 pts): 7.5/10
What is it about Valtteri Bottas? For much of the time he seems to race under his own personal cloak of invisibility. It's possible to watch an entire Grand Prix and forget that he was ever there. That's not necessarily a criticism of the Finn - it means that he did his job and made no mistakes, after all - but it's hard not to wish that the bullish Bottas 2.0 that started off the season with wins in Melbourne and Baku could reassert himself and show some fireworks again. Instead, Bottas' defining moment of the race - and the weekend - was when he dutifully complied with Mercedes team orders to slow down and back up the cars behind to give his team mate Lewis Hamilton a 'hole' to drop back into after his pit stop. It worked - at least, as well as it possibly could - and Bottas is to be commended for his loyalty to the team. But I'm sure Valtteri was thinking that by this point in his career he would be more than just a glorified traffic warden.