F1i's Driver Ratings for the 2019 Belgian GP

Charles Leclerc (Pole position, P1, 25 pts): 10/10
We very rarely give a perfect ten in the F1i driver ratings, because when you look hard enough there's always some little thing that a driver could have done better. Well, we've examined Charles Leclerc's Spa weekend in microscopic detail - and we can't find the flaw this time. He might have lagged his team mate in FP1, but from that point on the Ferrari driver was just on a different level from everyone, around half a second faster in FP2 and FP3 and then sweeping the whole of qualifying to take pole. He briefly lost the lead to Sebastian Vettel during the pit stops but swiftly regained it - even without team orders, it would have been an inevitability - and then held on under intense pressure from Lewis Hamilton to claim his long-awaited maiden win. Yes, there was the odd lock-up as he ran wide or overran a chicane as he pushed as hard as he could to escape, but there was no harm done and he kept the race under control throughout. And all this at a time when he was mourning the loss of a friend in a tragic accident 24 hours earlier. It was an inspired - and inspiring - performance.