F1i's Driver Ratings for the 2019 Chinese GP

Charles Leclerc (P5, 10 pts): 7.5/10
In Bahrain, Charles Leclerc's poor start cost him the lead of the race, even if he went on to get it back before technical gremlins set in. He made up for that faux pas with a great launch off the grid this time in Shanghai. How galling then to be told he had to hand third place back to his team mate Sebastian Vettel? He did so, although not without making his annoyance with the gratuitous team order evident to all who were listening. After that it seemed that Ferrari used their younger driver as a strategic chip to maximise Vettel's afternoon, and the stream of contradictory instructions issuing from the Ferrari pit wall must have made Leclerc's head spin. The team clearly has some personel management issues to address, and to be honest our sympathies at the moment are firmly with Leclerc.